Growing our own trees ands shrubs in the nursery provides several advantages:  

1.  Weather Hardiness. We select varieties of plants which are hardy in our plant hardiness zone. Fairfield, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas are in USDA hardiness Zone 6. Most of our plants that we grow spend, at least, one entire growing season here, and have become acclimated to the extremes of temperature in this zone.

2.  Price.  By growing plants ourselves we can sell them at considerably better prices because we "cut out the middleman." You are buying directly from the folks who grow the plants, not from a re-seller of someone else's plant material.

Having said this, we do choose to obtain some finished nursery stock from reputable growers. We do this in order to provide a selection of more specialized plant material for which we are unable to find cuttings, or plants which would take us a long time to produce. These plants will correspondingly cost a little more than those we have grown from "babies."

It is our intent to offer a quality plant at a reasonable price. Our motto since 1980 has been "Nice Plants, Sensible Prices" and we try to live up to it.

When you come to Middle Creek Nursery, either Don, Nancy, or both of us will be around here somewhere to help you. We try to provide as much assistance and information as possible. If we don't know something, we'll look it up for you, or send you to someone who can help.

Our major objective is to make your visit to Middle Creek Nursery a pleasant, satisfying experience.

                                                                                                       Don and Nancy