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We're Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump from the Mason-Dixon Line at US Route 15.


~ Evergreens Broadleaf Evergreens ~

Azaleas are popular evergreen plants that add some dazzling color in spring. We usually have about 10 different varieties of hardy Evergreen Azaleas.

Boxwoods are fairly slow growing shrubs that take shearing and trimming well. We grow several varieties including English Boxwood, Green Velvet, Northstar and others.

Japanese Hollies are the small -leafed types. Some say they make a good substitute for Boxwood. They are somewhat slow growing, and can be kept under control with pruning and shearing. We have Steeds and Skypencil which are upright forms, and Helleri, Green Lustre and Beehive which are lower and somewhat spreading.

The Blue Hollies were developed by crossing the decorative Hollies we normally use at Christmas with a low growing, very hardy Korean type. Therefore, they do not become as large as the old Holly trees that many of us know. The blue Hollies are male - female. Only the female plants produce berries. Therefore a male pollinator is needed. The varieties we have are Blue Angel, Blue Maid, Blue Princess, China Girl, China Boy, and Blue Prince.

Other Cultivars of Hollies that we have are Foster, Dragon Lady, and Shamrock which is a type of Inkberry Holly.

Pieris Japonica:
This is also known as Japanese Andromeda, a Broadleaf Evergreen which produces drooping clusters of Lily-Of-The-Valley type flowers in early spring. The crimson-red new growth eventually turns green a the season progresses. The varieties we often carry are Mountain fire, Valley Valentine, and Cavatine.

Some of the familiar Rhododendrons have large Evergreen leaves and big flower trusses, usually in May. Colors in this hardiness zone range from white through pink, lavender, red and purple. The small leafed types such as PJM bloom earlier, usually in April. They are normally in the lavender and pink color range, are more tolerant of sun, and do not become as large as the regular Rhododendrons. We normally have ten to twelve different varieties of Rhododendrons.

Needled Evergreens, or Conifers


We normally have 10 to 15 different varieties of Arborvitae from the dwarf globe types, such as Hetz Midget that only gets 20 to 24 inches after many years, to the tall upright forms such as Emerald Green and Green Giant. The upright types make excellent screens and hedges along property lines.

Chamaecyparis (false cypress)
There are many cultivars, or varieties, of Chamaecyparis. They range in size from being very dwarf plants to large specimens forty feet tall. Colors are spread over the spectrum from blues, grays, gold, yellows, green and even purple. They can be upright, or low and spreading. We usually have about 15 different varieties of these neat and unique plants.

These are commonly known as Japanese Cedar. We usually have two varieties: Yoshino and Japonica Nana.

Leyland Cypress are most often used to develop a fast growing screen, or border, between properties. We carry two varieties: regular Leyland Cypress and Emerald Isle. Both grow fast. Emerald Isle does not get quite as tall as the regular Leyland Cypress. We grow most of our Leyland Cypress right here, and can offer them at a very reasonable price.

Many varieties of Juniper exist. We offer about a dozen different Cultivars. A few popular ones are Blue Star, Blue Rug, Moonglow, Sea Green, Robusta Green, and Wichita Blue

This is a relatively new plant known as Siberian Cypress - a very hardy low-growing Evergreen that will thrive in shade.

Several varieties are usually available. The dwarf Mugo Pine is a popular, easy to grow type.

Spruces are hardy, versatile plants which vary in size from miniature to very large. We have available Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Bird's Nest Spruce, Little Gem Spruce, and the beautiful blue forms such as Globosa, and
R. H. Montgomery.

Yews are, for the most part, fairly trouble-free and easy to grow. Just keep them trimmed, and they will make a useful plant for a long time. We usually have spreading yews Densiformis, Hicksii, which is an upright form, and English weeping yews.


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